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2018 KUBI Range Guide now available - September 2018

2018 KUBI Range Guide now available - September 2018

The latest edition of the KUBI Range Guide has been launched in September 2018, including all the updated KUBI products & accessories.

Alongside the KUBI dry glove systems, KUBI Expedition Products are now also included in the range guide, as well as a series of spares & accessories.

This range guide also includes some price changes which will come into effect by 28th September 2018.

Copies are available from your local KUBI dealers or you can order copy on the website.

The range guide can also be found online in the platform
KUBI Packaging Commitment

KUBI Packaging Commitment

KUBI Embraces Change with 100% Plastic-free Packaging

Press Release - 18th June 2018

The Award-winning KUBI dry glove system have been at the forefront of dive exploration for over seven years, enabling cutting-edge technical and cave divers across the globe to push the very limits of exploration. Inspired by their pioneering spirit, KUBI has committed itself to an equally bold step forward - to rid its full range of products of all plastic packaging for good. From the 1st July 2018, all KUBI dry glove systems and accessories will be supplied in 100% recyclable paper packaging.

By far the biggest change can be seen in the KUBI standard dry-glove kit which is now delivered free of all plastic packaging. KUBI has gone a lot further than simply substituting plastic bags for more environmentally-friendly alternatives - it's gone back to the drawing board with a fundamental rethink of how best to deliver its popular dry glove product in a way that considerably reduces the impact on the environment. The outer plastic packaging bag, header card and staples have been removed completely and replaced with an attractive 100% recyclable cardboard swing tag attached directly to the handy zippered KUBI storage bag. Inside, core components are now contained within sealed paper bags.

The KUBI range of dry-glove accessories have undergone a similar rethink with the complete removal of all plastic packaging. All KUBI accessory products will be delivered in sealed paper bags conveniently colour-coded using water-based dyes. Core components including KUBI aluminium rings and sealing o-rings will be delivered in red paper bags whilst latex outer gloves will be delivered in black paper bags. Completing the trio of KUBI accessory products, thermal glove liners will be packaged in warm-coloured orange paper bags, reflecting the warming nature of the gloves they contain. All paper bags used throughout the accessories range are 100% recyclable.

"Plastic pollution poses a very real threat to the environment and particularly the oceans. Clearly it's an unsustainable situation and KUBI has taken the bold pro-active decision to make a stand. Working with key suppliers, we challenged ourselves why packaging was there, what purpose it had and what options could be available to deliver a more sustainable product. By removing the plastic traditionally used to package our dry-glove systems and accessories, we will be reducing not only our own but our customers' impact on the environment. This is simply about doing the right thing. We are not saying it is perfect, but believe we have made a very big step in the right direction." commented Peter Wilson of KUBI.

The problem of plastic pollution and its long-term impact on the environment has gained considerable media attention in recent months. Divers, in particular, are acutely aware of the issue and are keen to do their bit. Research shows that between 8 and 12 million tonnes of plastic* ends up in our oceans every year - once there, it poses a serious threat to countless marine animals, birds and other organisms. As time passes, this same plastic breaks down into tiny particles that absorb toxins released into the water through human activity. These so-called 'microplastics' contain high levels of toxins which can enter the food chain, resulting in a toxic timebomb.
Mission 2020 - A dive community project to help the ocean

Mission 2020 - A dive community project to help the ocean

KUBI are pleased to pledge support to Mission 2020 (

Here is the Mission 2020 statement

We love the ocean, and we want to do what we can to protect it for the future. Divers see the damage that human activity is having on the ocean environment more clearly than anyone else and we have realised that it is time for us to make changes to prevent further damage.

Mission 2020 is a collection of pledges from organisations within the diving community to change their business practices in order to help protect and preserve our oceans for the future.

With a primary focus on single-use plastic, the project sets ambitious short term targets of changes to be made before World Oceans Day 2020.

Mission 2020 was originally conceived by fourth element as a statement of its intentions to eliminate the use of single-use plastic in the packaging of all its products by 2020 and to continue to develop new products (and re-develop its existing products) using recycled materials wherever possible. By inviting other organisations within the dive community to join Mission 2020 and encouraging them to make their own commitments, fourth element hopes to make this a commitment of the global dive community to protect the very thing which we enjoy – the ocean.

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