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Information about the KUBI brand & business

Information about the KUBI brand & business

About the Company KUBI

The KUBI brand name and range of products, was founded in 2002. KUBI was developed, designed and produced by Peter Kubicka.

The motto of the brand is quality and effective use.

Design and realization of products undergoing long-term development, testing and use of the best divers in the world.

We focus on detail, functionality and usefulness. Price is not paramount, it's always mainly the pursuit of the best possible product without compromising on materials , manufacturing and production process.

Since 2004 Peter Kubicka and KUBI have been focused on teaching technical diving for divers and instructors and later to other services in the field of technical diving (consultation, advice, analysis, etc.).

As in the case of the products, equal is in the case of services we want to provide only the highest quality and standard.

About Peter Kubicka

As founder of the KUBI brand and designer of products, Peter Kubicka has a very strong & positive involvement in the Scuba Diving Industry, which includes the following:

IANTD Instructor Trainer No.633 AEANx, Full Trimix, Technical Full Cave, Technical Wreck, Full Cave Side Mount, Trimix Blender
GUE Tech 2 (Andrew Georgitsis)

Co-founder Slovak Technical Diving Section 1999
Prvý trimix na Slovensku 2000 (2.3.2000)
Co-organizer of expedition Szent István 2000
Initiator and organizer of the survey reinvented B-17 aircraft at the island of VIS 2001
Organization of visits of explorer Mario Weidner (survey wreck Estonia) 2001
Co-organizer Techmeeting Donovaly 2002
Presentations and lectures a lot times of diving forums since 2002
Development and production of diving equipment and gear since 2002
Instructor IANTD technical diving for 2004
Instructor Trainer IANTD technical diving for 2006
Initiator and organizer of the International Techmeeting 2012
Project director diving survey in opal mines Dubník 2013
The diving supervisor for experiments and measurements within the project PHYPODE 2013
Founder and head of the diving team DIR-TEAM Slovakia
President of the Section speleopotápania of Slovak Speleological Society

Information About

Information About


In 2014 Peter Kubicka met and discussed future development of KUBI with Peter Wilson of Maxshow Limited, the UK based KUBI distributor.

Together they are working closely to develop improved customer service as well as increased distribution for KUBI products.

This developed the launch of as the Official Worldwide Distribution platform, selling to dive stores & drysuit manufacturers worldwide, from 1st November 2014.

This exciting development enables Peter Kubicka to concentrate on the further development of new product ideas, as well as managing the manufacturing of the KUBI product range.

Peter Wilson now heads up the team promoting and distributing the products to customers from their UK base, whilst working very closely with Peter Kubicka to continue to present the quality of the KUBI brand to divers.

We are a Member of DEMA

About Maxshow Limited

Maxshow Limited are also the official distributor for quality diving brands including;

* Miflex Xtreme Specialist Diving Hoses
* Omniswivel International
* Thermalution Power Heated Undersuits
* Aquasketch
* Best Divers
* 3D Gearmarker
* AAK Diving

the wider range of products can be viewed on