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#ispyKUBI Testimonials & Images

Emanuel vila  -  #ispyKUBI

Emanuel Ávila - #ispyKUBI

The Picture is of Emanuel Ávila on a recent dive at La Herradura - Spain using KUBI Dry Gloves.

Emanuel said

"I'm very pleased with my Kubi gloves, which fortunately were the only ones I could manage to fit on my slim cut Bare HDC tech Dry expedition. I couldn't be happier."

Images used courtesy of Emanuel Ávila

Wayne Allen - #ispyKUBI Video

Video Courtesey of Wayne Allen

Daniel Drahotsky  -  #ispyKUBI

Daniel Drahotsky - #ispyKUBI

The picture depicts Petr Zoubek, a diving instructor and KUBI reseller at Octopus Divers (Prague, Czech Rep).

It was taken at the end of a deep dive at Attersee, Austria.

Images used courtesy of Daniel Drahotsky
Jim Suddaby  -  #ispyKUBU

Jim Suddaby - #ispyKUBU

Wraysbury :-)

Images used courtesy of Jim Suddaby
Matt Wenger  -  #ispyKUBI

Matt Wenger - #ispyKUBI

Images used courtesy of Matt Wenger
Sue Brown  -  #ispyKUBI

Sue Brown - #ispyKUBI

Sue wrote to us with the following testimonial

After learning to dive about 7 years ago but then only picking it up again about 3.5 years ago, I spent most of my UK diving career to date diving in an ill fitting leaky drysuit I bought on eBay and getting very cold (the leak has never stopped me diving all through the winter).

However at last years dive show I'd decided to treat myself to a brand new drysuit with all the bells and whistles.

I was informed that KUBI had been trialling a new fitted range and decided that was definitely the way to go.

I luuurrrrve my new drysuit and best of all I adore my new KUBI fitted dry glove system, keeping me toasty and warm for diving in Loch Fyne in January and an hours drift in 4 degrees along the river Leven in March and my fingers were still working at then of the dive!

Awesome invention, and just a couple of weeks ago my wrist seal split just prior to a dive and I was able to replace it with a new one in less than 10 minutes!

Images used courtesy of Sue Brown & Steve Bennett-Squires
Sue Brown (more)  -  #ispyKUBI

Sue Brown (more) - #ispyKUBI

Images used courtesy of Sue Brown & Steve Bennett-Squires